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Animal Wellness
 Connection, LLC
1620 E. Houston Suite 100
Spokane, WA 99217
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Tired of the same ol'  doggy daycare routine? Is your dog overwhelmed by daycare bullies or overcrowded daycare facilities? Do you need to get your dog trained but lack the time to do it.  Are you uncomfortable with the board and train programs that force you to leave your dogs at a facility for weeks on end? Then we have the solution for you.  K9 Daycare that is structured and full of enrichment activities geared just for your dog. 

Here is what we have to offer:
  Fitness gym (treadmills, fitballs, cavalettis, floor exercises, doggy ninja fitness)
  Training - (you drop off in the morning and pick up later in the day. Your dog                            receives daily training lessons and is home at night with you.) 
  Mind Games  - (especially great for developing young dogs and senior dogs)
  Massage (from one of our in house licensed massage therapist)
  Warm Water Swimming   (great for seniors with mobility and arthritis,  weight loss  rehab)

Daycare spots will be limited as well as training daycare spots. We are not accepting aggressive dogs for daycare. Each potential participant will have to undergo our screening process. All dogs must have current vaccinations with written proof.  No dog under the age of 4 months. Dogs over the age of 9 months must be neutered or spayed. 

Call us at 509-954-1371 so we can set up an assessment test prior to your dog qualifying for our day care program.


1. All dogs registering for AWC Daycare Services must have completed and assessment test from one of our employees before they can be part of our daycare program.  

2. All dogs should be current on all vaccines. Those under 2 years should have completed their puppy vaccination protocols and have received an annual booster at one year of age. Thereafter they should either have their annual booster or a titer. Rabies should be given by 4 months of age and another at one year. Thereafter, every 3 years as required by the state of Washington. Please have a copy of your dog’s rabies certificate or have your vet email a copy to us at [email protected] We cannot accept a rabies tag as proof of rabies vaccination.  

3. All daycare participants must have some kind of id tag attached to a collar. No harness, martingale, prong collar or choke collar accepted. We ask for collars with id info for safety reasons in case your dog should somehow get away from our facility. For safety, we ask that all dogs must check in with a leash. No Retractable leashes or chain leashes please! (Nylon or leather is best)  

4. We highly recommend dogs be spayed or neutered by 11 months of age for daycare services. We will consider unaltered dogs as long as they do not show any signs of aggression toward other dogs or people. Under no circumstances will we have bitches in heat in our daycare facility.  

5. We offer tours of our facility at any time. Please be respectful and quiet of our clients that may be in the pool or receiving a massage. Also do not get the daycare dogs overly excited during your visit.  

6. Daycare is open Tuesday through Friday, from 7:30am until 6pm and by reservations only. 

7. Full days are considered to be 4 plus hours or more. Half days are considered to be less than 4 hours. All are priced accordingly with discounts for weekly pass, monthly pass and more than one dog 
discount. Dogs must have reservations for daycare with approximate check in/ check out time given with reservation. There is no set check in or check out time other then all dogs must be gone by 6pm. Late fees apply to dogs picked up after 6pm. We do not accept check ins for dogs past 2 pm. The earliest check in at 7:30am. Cancellations must be given at least 48 hours in advance. Less the 48 hour notice will be charged a full fee for that day. We will make exceptions for a cancellation that is due to implement weather conditions.  

8. Our daycare facility has indoor and outdoor access. Outdoors is grass with a 6 foot cyclone fence. Indoor is heated with a ¾ inch rubber flooring, which is great for senior dogs with mobility issues, this type of flooring helps provide traction. Daycare dogs are monitored with an attendant at all times to ensure well-being and safety. Our staff includes a certified Veterinary Technician, licensed animal massage therapist, dog trainers, all with animal first aid and CPR training, and canine fitness coaches and assistants.  

9. We are a limited number of spaces available, and we are a focused and structured daycare facility. This means we will only have a limited number of dogs in daycare at one time. This will insure that your dog will not be overwhelmed by so much high energy, bullying and excessive activity of other dogs. When we say structured and focused we are very similar to a preschool for kids. Your dog will have more 1:1 attention through structured activities that will include treadmills, fitballs, cavaletti’s, fun mind games, floor exercises, group games, boot camp challenges, a weekly full body massage (can I get a “OH Yes! here, ) training (obedience, specific skills or behavior issues, tricks, ect). Don’t worry we will train your dog on how equipment is used. If your dog just likes to sit and watch the other dogs work out they can just relax and enjoy just being a spectator. No pressure here. For those that are in our Chunky Monkey Boot Camp there is a hour each day for gym work, a weekly swim, daily weigh in and a weekly massage. And then let’s not forget time to play and relax with a long snooze. Don’t you wish you could be in this daycare program !!!! Wouldn’t you want your dog to come here and have all the fun? Just remember, getting a dog tired from playing all day may slow them down, but too much play may make them irritated instead of content, which kind of defeats the purpose of having your dog in daycare. And some dogs just don’t appreciate a lot of high energy dogs in their face all the time. So why not go for a more structured program to fit their specific needs. We will sit down with you, find out your dog’s likes and dislikes, energy level and specific needs and design a program to meet their needs.  

10. We also have a drop off program for training. This allows you to pick up and take your dog home every night and then return the next day to practice more training. You won’t have to leave your dog for weeks while they are in training. Then one day a week we will make an appointment with you to talk about and show you the lessons your dog has been working on all week. Dogs will progress at their 
own speed and we only use positive reinforcement training. We want your dog to enjoy going to school which will make them more eager to please you. We fit their training program to what your needs are to fit your lifestyle and help with any issues your dog may be experiencing at home. We also think it is important for your dog to learn how to interact around other dogs as part of their training which is why we include training with daycare.  

11. And did we mention fun?!! Wouldn’t it be great for your dog to have a blast at daycare, gain some new friends? No more being lonely, bored and destructive at home. We will give you peace of mind that your dog is in a great place having fun and learning new things

We are excited to announce the opening of our 

'Structured Daycare' Department'
 on November 12, 2018.
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We have retired and have  permanently closed our doors effective 07/31/19. 
If you need to contact us please see contact info. Thank you.