As a small animal massage therapist, Lorna will be integrating with other innovative animal touch therapies such as Warm Water Hydrotherapy, Manual Ligament Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystal Essences and the Raindrop Technique with essential oils. Her goal is to help animals reach a natural healthy state by adapting to any physical limitations or injuries, to enhance quality of life and performance of your pet companion. These techniques are used in a gentle relaxing environment to empower your animal with calmness, comfort and confidence. 
  Lorna is a lifetime resident of the Northwest.  She was raised on a farm in Colbert, Washington (near Spokane). Her parents had a kennel and raised several different working breeds that were shown or trained for schutzhund work.  Her family also trained dogs for several police forces in the US. From a very young age,  I have handled dogs around the US. She has bred and shown dogs for over 40 +  years. In her breeding program she follows the breeders code of ethics and instills the need to produce dogs that are of sound mind and body.  She believes that alot of time needs to be spent socializing dogs from birth so that they become better companions. 
  Back in 2007, she felt the need to broaden her skills from reading about other therapeutic  modalities that can improve the lives of pets. She became interested in taking extensive courses in animal massage.  
  Lorna lives in the Deer Park area (also near Spokane)  with her husband, Sam. He is a Structural Engineer. Together we have 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren. they raise and show beagles. She is a member of Spokane Kennel Club and The Beagle Club of Eastern Washington.
  Over the years, Lorna has always had a deep love and understanding of animals. Her compassion of animals enables her to provide quality professional care for animals from all walks and stages of life. She just completed working on building a canine fitness center complete with warm water hydrotherapy pool. The canine fitness center opened in October 2013.


1973-1977 Fort Steilacoom Community College
         (Pierce College) Veterinary Technology 
1978  Internship University of Washington
2008 Northwest School of Animal Massage
         Small Animal Massage Therapy
          Maintenance Massage, Sports Massage, 
          Rehab Massage
2008  Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III, Reiki Master
2009  Comprehensive Studies in Pet Reflexology
          and Shiatsu
2010  Groomer Certification
2011, 2012, 2013 Comprehensive Studies in
          Beginning and Advanced Canine Fitness and 
2011  American Red Cross Pet First Aid
2011  Nationally Certified Small Massage Practitioner
2011  Licensed State of Washington Small Animal
          Massage Practitioner AS602390341
          Fitness, Conditioning, and Body Awareness
2013  La Paw Spa
          Canine Hydrotherapy Heart to Heart Level One
2013  La Paw Spa 
          Canine Hydrotherapy Heart to Heart Level Two
2013  Northwest School of Animal Massage Therapy
          Manual Ligament Therapy Module 1-5  
2013  T-Touch Beginning Class, Animal 
          Communication Beginner
2014  Currently studying Canine Nutrition 
2014  Chris Zink Coaching the Canine Athlete     
2014  Wag It Games Instructor Tier 1
2015  Wag It Games Instructor Tier 2
2016  Canine Kinesiology Taping (currently ongoing
          for certification)

All photographs are the property of Lorna Boydston and may NOT be used in any form without express written permission © Copyright 2005- 2017 Lorna Boydston All Rights Reserved 
Registered Professional Member in good standing of the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork
Mission Statement of the IAAMB :  
We are a professional community of people who share the goal of providing holistic, loving support for animals that extends internationally. We gentle animal bodyworkers, with confidence and compassion, assist others to develop their talents by teaching and providing our specific, uniquely personal techniques.
A member since 2011 and passed the National Board of Certification for Small Animal Massage
Animal Wellness Connection, LLC
1620 E. Houston
Ste # 100
Spokane, Wa 99217
                                     Lic# AS60290341
Annette Shannon of Approved by Dogs LLC has been involved with dog training since she adopted her first rescue dog in 1992. Annette emphasizes modern positive training utilizing clicker and verbal markers to teach a behavior to earn positive reinforcement. She is always trying to increase her knowledge by attending seminars for both behavior an agility. Annette taught at a local dog club before she started her business with her husband, Forrest, in 2007. Annette and Forrest's dogs have earned agility titles in AKC, ASCA, NADAC and TDAA. Annette's Australian Shepherd qualified to compete at the ASCA Finals in 2011 and she participated at the 2011 ASCA Finals and Nationals. Most of her dogs have been rescue dogs and came with a variety of issues. She believes strongly in rescues and encourages the adoption of recue dogs. With the right training these dogs can make great pets and can be be competitive in dog sports. Annette is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. 

  Pictured with Annette is Laddie, an Australian Shepherd that she rescued in 2006. Laddie presently holds titles in Agility and competes in AKC, NADAC, ASCA.  

Annette is teaching Dog Behavior, Advanced behavior classes and Agility. She is also available for private lessons for Obedience or Agility.  

Annette provides consultation to match dog breeds to a person or family's life style. She may be contacted at 509-998-2406.

Annette is also a AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. 

At Animal Wellness Connection, LLC, Annette will be teaching Behavior Classes and a class on Winter Games. 

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Robin Aaseby Lic Vet Tech/ 
Dog Groomer / 
K9 Hydrotherapist Assistant